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v.9.0; June 10th, 2021 

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1) HBFF: In Partnership with the WWFF (World Wide Flora Fauna,  http://www.wwff.co/ ) has been founded the HBFF, Switzerland and Liechtenstein Natural Parks Award, that may be issued to YL, OM and SWL.

- To achieve the award the applicant should give evidence to have activated at least 5 different parks, or to have had complete QSO with, or heard if SWL, at least 10 different parks among the valid HBFF References.


2)  Rules: The HBFF Rules substitute the WWFF Rules, as provided therein, for the National Award of the Switzerland and Liechtenstein Parks.


3) References: The assignment of new references is made by the WWFF National Coordinator. Anyone can report new references to him, the WWFF N.C. will evaluate the validity of the requests, and when valid he will insert them in the WWFF list.

- In the case of references proposed by an OM / YL, the proponent is granted the privilege of activating it first; this privilege, or custom, expires 2 months after publication of the Ref on the online list or on WWFF Database.

- In order to avoid unpleasant cancellations, it is recommended that activators, before activating a newly issued reference, always announce it in advance, as required in point 10 below, inquiring if there are still any limitations to activation.

- New references will be assigned in groups, twice in the year, by the WWFF National Coordinator, in accordance with the WWFF Database Manager.


4) Bands and Modes: QSO can be done on all assigned amateur bands and allowed modes.


5) Validity: Only the contacts with amateur stations operating from inside the parks acknowledged by WWFF in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and identified as HBFF-nnnn are valid.


6) Award issuing: they are released to any YL, OM or SWL that will send:

  • By WWFF Log Search  http://wwff.co/logsearch/ , preferred mode: the automatically issued and sent request, complete of Candidate's name family name and callsign. Please check that you are registered in the WWFF Log Search, and that your profile contains the right data; name, family name, callsign, and all your updated data.
  • By email at  staff@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch : Dated and signed form, with name family name and callsign, by which the Candidate declares that the Laws and Rules in force on his Country and the  Rules of the Award have been observed; containing the Logs of the QSOs, with his station callsign, and operator callsign if different, and in this order : the reference number, date, hour UTC, mode, band, contacted station callsign, reports received and sent .
  • Sending of QSLs is not necessary; it will be checked from WWFF N.C. or by the Award Manager, by means of the uploaded logs in the dataBase. In case of doubt they may ask for QSLs or for other informations, according to their incontestable judgement.


7) Awards:  They are in the form of a printable .pdf file, coloured, personalized; if the Award will be sent by email it will have no cost. On request it may also be in the form of a personalized printed small paper, 297 x 210 mm (A4). In this case it is required to make prior payment to the Award Manager, by PayPal to luciano.lucini@email.it  or to send a contribution of 10 SFr or equivalent € or US$ amount, even as stamps, or 8 IRC for covering the delivery mailing costs. The Award will contain the qualification of Activator, Hunter, or SWL.


8) Updating: A new HBFF Award will be issued to YL, OM,or SWL, which has activated, contacted, or heard if SWL,  25, 50, 75, 100 valid different HBFF References; past 100 for every 50 valid different HBFF References more. The costs are as in point 6) above.


9) HBFF Honour Roll: This award is momentarily suspended.


10) Activations: The activation is preferably to be announced, see also the point 3.2) above, to the official email address  staff@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch to ease Hunters and SWL to reach their Quorum. This is however not mandatory.

·         The Activation will be accepted and validated only if the operator follows the HBFF rules and the here following requisites.

·         It is possible to activate two HBFF References for each day, but activating only one reference, or park, at a time. (See exceptions in following paragraph 7)

·         The station (aerials, radio sets, power supply, etc) must be located and must transmit from inside the park.

·         At least 100 valid QSO should be done, it is mandatory the use of at least 2 bands; use of 20m band with a signifiant number of QSOs is very recommended; it is also mandatory a minimum operating time of 2 hours from the 1st QSO on the same Reference.

·         Troubles Waiver: For serious reasons or troubles exceptions to these rules may be allowed.

·         Covid19 Waiver: Quorum is reduced to 51 QSOs.

·         SOTA+HBFF Waiver: Activating a SOTA Ref comprised into a WWFF Ref, the QSO Quorum is reduced to 44 and the minimum time required to 1 hour.

·         In special cases and on prior request, it may be allowed to carry out a greater number of HBFF References activations a day, without prejudice however to the other conditions.

·         The Credit for the activated Reference will be given, both as Hunter and as Activator, to the YL or OM that takes part, only if operating at the Radio, to the Activation; it will not be necessary to load a fake QSO with his own callsign.

·         To validate the activation, the Activator must send, within 30 days from the end of operations, the following documents : ADIF log files suitable for WWFF uploading, clear self made digital photographic documentation proving the activation;

·         If it will be possible, the photographic documentation of the reference only; permissions obtained for the activation, if any; in case of Multioperator  or Club Call Activations, full the Station_Callsign and the Operator fields in each QSO record of the Log.

·         The operators living in the HBFF Reference must send the geographical coordinates of their stations, GPS data file, or the Position file.

·         If informations are missing they will be requested; then, if not supplied, even if the log is sent, the QSOs may be considered valid for the hunters, but the activation will not be credited to the activator and the operators.

·         The sending of documents must be by email, better to the official email address of the WWFF National Coordinator:  staff@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch  .

·         The WWFF HB National Coordinator will check the logs, and will take care to upload each log, if validated, into the WWFF database.


11) Acceptance: The Candidates to the Awards do have read and accepted under implicit agreement these HBFF rules, and they must comply with the rules, customs, laws and codes in force in the country where the activity takes place, referring in particular to the “Ethic and operating procedures for Radio Amateur” edited by IARU Region 1.


12) WWFF National Coordinator for HB:  his decisions, that he made in the sense of and in compliance with WWFF rules, are final.

- Every correspondence, concerning the HBFF Award or its Activations and activities, will be by email preferably to the official email address  staff@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch  .  



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